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Grant the buyer staff permissions

Before your buyer becomes the new owner of your business, they'll need their own staff permissions. All you need is the buyer's full name and email address, which are revealed to you at the transfer of assets stage. It’s important that the email address used for the staff matches exactly what you see in your Exchange app. If any other email address is used, the process will not move forward in the Exchange app.

After the invite is sent, the buyer will need to check their email for the link to activate their account. They will be responsible for creating their password when they activate their account.

Account permissions for buyers

By default, the staff will have Full Permissions, meaning they will have access to everything except your billing and payment information.

It's up to you which type of permissions you'd like the buyer to have. We recommend allowing full permissions so that the buyer can perform their inspection period thoroughly. If you are concerned about privacy issues you can have the buyer sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Exchange will handle making your buyer the new store owner.

Important: Never share your store owner login information or make the buyer the store owner on your own. This can result in a permanent ban from using Exchange Marketplace, as stated in our guidelines.

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