Consumer protection

Use this page to learn about some consumer protection laws that might apply to your business. Consumer protection laws promote consumer rights and public safety, and they vary by region.

You can grow your business and reach new customers by selling your products in several jurisdictions. To ensure uninterrupted use of your Shopify store, ensure you're following consumer protection laws in any jurisdiction where you conduct business.

Contact information

You must provide current and accurate contact information in your online store. This information includes:

  • Your business name
  • An email address where customers can contact you with any questions, complaints, or claims
  • The physical address for your business

Your contact information needs to be public-facing and easy to access.

Refund policy

In your online store, you must provide current, accurate, public-facing and easy to access information about your refund policy.

Learn more about adding store policies, such as a refund, privacy, terms of service, shipping or legal store policy, to your online store.

Order fulfillment and delivery

In your online store, you must add information about order fulfillment, delivery, and any other relevant considerations, such as estimated shipping timelines. Before your customer completes a purchase, it should be clear to them how long it'll take for their order to arrive.

If there's a change or delay to a customer’s order, then you must communicate this information to your customers.

Product performance claims

Claims you make about your product must be true and supported by documented evidence. In some jurisdictions, the law might also require an adequate and proper test of claims made.

Learn more about Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy.

Product recalls

You're required to monitor product recalls in any jurisdiction where you conduct business.

If a product that you sell, or have sold in the past, is recalled, then you must immediately remove products that were recalled from your online store.

If it's required by law, then you may need to notify customers who purchased a recalled product and advise them of next steps.

Consumer protection resources

You can find specific information online about a jurisdiction's consumer awareness guidelines, such as:

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