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Use this page to learn about Shopify's Rules of Engagement for the Sale of COVID-19 Related Products and different laws surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) products that might apply to your business. These rules and regulations promote public safety, and they vary by region.

You can grow your business and reach new customers by selling products related to COVID-19. To ensure uninterrupted use of your Shopify store, ensure you're following Shopify's Rules of Engagement for the Sale of COVID-19 Related Products, and any applicable laws and regulations in any jurisdiction where you conduct business.

Vaccines and vaccination services

The sale of COVID-19 vaccines are only permitted on Shopify where facilitated by or associated with a government entity. If you're a government entity using Shopify to facilitate vaccine distribution, then you might be asked to confirm your use of the platform and to verify your status as a government entity.

COVID-19 vaccination appointment booking services might be permitted on the platform, subject to review. You'll be asked to attest that the service is being provided in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.

The sale of COVID-19 vaccination cards are strictly prohibited on the platform because these products carry a high risk of fraud and are used to circumvent public health regulations.

Test kits and testing services

The sale of COVID-19 test kits and the facilitation of COVID-19 testing services are permitted on the platform, subject to review. As part of Shopify's review process, you'll be asked to provide relevant documentation demonstrating that the test kits or testing services are authorized by the respective health regulator in your jurisdiction. You might also be asked to provide other documentation, authorization or license deemed necessary by Shopify.

Best Practices

Protected health information

You must ensure that you're compliant with section 8 of Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy, which states that you can't use Shopify to collect, store, or process any protected health information.

Public health

You can't sell COVID-19 products that are intended to actively or deceptively circumvent COVID-19 public health rules and regulations.


The prices associated with any COVID-19 related products or services can't exceed market value.

Medical and quality claims

Claims that you make about your product must be true and supported by documented evidence. In some jurisdictions, the law might also require an adequate and proper test of claims made.

Your product will be removed from your online store if you make any unfounded medical claims, or if you misuse terms related to products that prevent, treat or cure COVID-19.

If you make a claim that a product provides medical grade or specific levels of protection against COVID-19, then you must be able to support your claim. If your product is non-medical grade, then it needs to be marketed as such.

Product recalls

The sale of recalled products, such as but not limited to personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, or other medical equipment, is strictly prohibited.

Shopify payments

The use of Shopify Payments as a payment provider depends on what COVID-19 products you're offering for sale.


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