Merchant cash advance

If you're eligible for a cash advance, then you'll receive an email from Shopify and see the invitation to submit your application on the Shopify Capital in your Shopify admin. You are then directed to YouLend to fill out the application for the cash advance.

Your application requires you to submit data about your payments.

You will receive an email when your application has been approved or declined. If your application is approved, then you sign a DocuSign agreement with YouLend and then receive your funds.

Request a merchant cash advance from Shopify Capital powered by YouLend

If you receive an email from Shopify stating that you're eligible for a cash advance, then you can submit the request through your Shopify admin.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.

  2. Click Shopify Capital.

  3. Click Apply for funding via YouLend.

You are redirected to the YouLend website where you complete your application.

Payment data

During the application process with YouLend, you are asked to send them your payment data.

If you process payments using Shopify Payments then you can get export payment data information from your Shopify admin by going to Settings > Payment providers > View payouts > Export.

If you process payments using a third-party gateway, then contact the gateway to find out how to retrieve this information.

If you have disabled Shopify Payments but you need part of your sales history, then you can export payment transactions from your Shopify admin.

Updating your bank account

Once you complete your application for funding, you will need to update the bank account used for your payouts. You will receive an email from YouLend with details of a new personal bank account created for this purpose.

Your payouts will be deposited into your YouLend account. Once remittances have been collected, your remaining payout will be deposited into your personal bank account.

Managing your funding

You can manage your application through the YouLend portal.

If you have any questions, then send an email to YouLend or call them at +442039818709 or 02039818709.

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