Buy and sell Shopify stores using Exchange

Exchange is the official marketplace for buying and selling Shopify stores. All listings are made using Shopify's official Exchange app, which automatically generates listings based on real store revenue and traffic data. Store owners can't edit revenue or traffic information, so buyers can be sure that listed store prices are fair.

If you sell your store using the Exchange marketplace, then you transfer full account ownership to the person you sell to. There is no fee for buying or selling a store using Exchange.

You are eligible to list your store on Exchange if:

  • Your store is active, not paused or closed
  • Your store isn't on the Shopify Plus plan
  • Your store is eligible to use Shopify Payments, and if you use Shopify Payments then your account needs to be in good standing
  • You have no active capital financing

To buy or sell a store, visit the Exchange marketplace. To sell your store using the Exchange marketplace, get started by clicking List your store on any page of the Exchange marketplace to install the Exchange app.

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