Exchange marketplace FAQ

What happens to refunds and chargebacks for sales made under the previous owner?

The previous owner is liable for any previous orders. As the seller, ensure that you have shipped any previous orders before selling your store.

How is the previous store owner's Shopify Payments account removed from the shop?

The Shopify Payments account of the previous owner is removed from the store after they notify Exchange support of the store's sale.

What happens to the credit card on file when a store is sold using Exchange?

When the previous owner notifies Exchange support that their store has been sold, their credit card is removed and the shop is frozen until the new owner enters a credit card to be associated with the account.

What happens to apps installed by the previous account owner?

Apps billed through Shopify are billed using the credit card associated with the account. Buyers are responsible for completing the setup of these apps.

The seller is responsible for transferring ownership of apps not billed through Shopify to the new account owner.

What happens to domains registered by the previous account owner?

If a domain is purchased through Shopify, the buyer can update the contact information associated with the domain in Shopify.

For domains bought using a third-party provider, it is the responsibility of the seller to transfer ownership of the domain.

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