Transferring a store using Exchange

Follow these steps to transfer your store to its new owner.

Prepare a store for transfer

When you're ready to transfer your store to a buyer:

  1. Fulfill all open orders before you begin transferring your store to its new owner.

  2. Disconnect the social accounts linked to your sales channels, for example Facebook and Pinterest. This makes the buyer agree to the terms of each sales channel before they connect their account. If your sale includes social media accounts, then make the buyer an administrator of the accounts.

  3. Disconnect all payment gateways linked to your store. Deactivate your PayPal Express Checkout gateway if applicable.

  4. Update your domain's contact information with the buyer's details. If you bought your domain through Shopify, then you can change the contact information in Shopify. If you bought your domain from a third-party provider, then follow the steps for changing domain ownership detailed by your domain provider. If you're not sure how to do this, contact your domain provider directly.

  5. Transfer the ownership of Shopify apps installed on your store. You need to update the account information of each app. If you're not sure how to do this, then contact the app developer directly.

  6. Print your financial reports as required for tax filing purposes.

  7. If applicable, then disconnect your custom carrier accounts and fulfillment services.

  8. If applicable, then disconnect any private apps installed in your store.

  9. Create a staff account for the buyer.

Transfer a store account

To facilitate payment for your store, use Before you transfer your store to its new owner, create an open transaction on Escrow to ensure the payment is secure.

Exchange support will make the buyer the account owner of the store. Do not make this change yourself. Exchange support will also remove your credit card and payment information from the account before transferring store ownership.

To transfer a store account using Exchange:

  1. Log in as the account owner.

  2. From your Shopify admin, open the Exchange - Sell your Shopify store app.

  3. Click Transfers.

  4. Complete the transfers guide. If any steps don't apply to your sale, then click to skip them.

Once you complete the transfers guide, you're ready to finalize your transfer request. To help Shopify verify that you are the account owner, you need to answer a set of security questions.

After you finalize your transfer request, then you will be removed as the account owner. Your billing details will be removed from the account and the store will be locked until the buyer logs in and enters their credit card information.

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