Logging out staff accounts

As the account owner or a staff member with full access, you can see the login history of any staff member. Staff members can see their individual login histories as well.

View staff account login history

You should review staff login histories periodically to check that there hasn't been access from unknown ISPs, locations, or IP addresses. This could be a sign that the account has been compromised.


  1. In the Accounts and permissions section, click the name of the staff member that you want to view.

  2. In the Recent login history section, you'll see the five most recent login sessions and the following information about each session:

    • Date
    • IP address
    • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
    • Staff member's location at login
    • Web browser and operating system version (you can see this by hovering over the information symbol).

You can click Log out staff member to force a staff member to log out of their account.

Force a staff account logout

If you're the account owner, then you can force a logout of all logged-in staff members at any time. When you force a staff account logout, the staff member will have to re-enter their login credentials to access your store's admin again.

You can also force a staff account logout for devices. If your staff members use an iPhone or other hardware to access your store, you can force a logout and have them log in again with their credentials.


  1. Log in as the account owner.
  1. In the Accounts and permissions section, click Log out all staff accounts.

  2. Click Log out all staff accounts to confirm that you want to log out all other logged-in staff members.

Your staff members will now have to log in again with their credentials to access your store's admin.

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