Required staff permissions for Shopify Inbox

Store owners and staff members who have the required permissions can use all the Shopify Inbox features. Only staff who have all the available permissions can manage chat availability. Retail staff don't have access to Shopify Inbox.

table description
Required permissionDescription
ProductsAllows your staff to share product links.
CustomersAllows your staff to perform the following tasks:
  • manage chat availability
  • respond to customers and manage saved replies
DiscountsAllows your staff to share discount codes or access discount codes that were shared by other staff.
Draft ordersAllows your staff to create draft orders or view draft orders that were created by other staff.
Manage and install apps and channelsAllows your staff to manage chat apps that are connected to Shopify Inbox.
You only need to give this permission to the staff members who you want to manage apps and sales channels. Staff members who don't have this permission can still use the apps and sales channels. For more information, refer to the description of staff permissions.
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