Creating developer preview stores

As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of developer preview stores. A developer preview store is a free Shopify account that removes some of the limitations of other store types. You can use a developer preview store to test upcoming API versions for your apps, and preview how the Shopify admin will look to a merchant.

Features and limitations of developer preview stores

Developer preview stores include all the features that are available on the Advanced Shopify plan. Developer preview stores can't be transferred to another owner or transitioned to a paid plan.

You can do the following while building and testing a developer preview store:

  • Process an unlimited number of test orders (for example, by using the bogus gateway or the REST Admin API)
  • Create an 1000 unique products
  • Install an unlimited number of free and paid apps
  • Process 500 real orders
  • Assign up to 15 staff employees
  • Enable up to 8 locations
  • Enable multiple currencies

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