How you can earn revenue with the Shopify Partner Program

There are many different ways that you can earn revenue through Shopify's Partner program, whether you're building stores, apps, or themes for Shopify merchants. You can also earn revenue through Shopify's affiliate program.

Refer a Shopify customer

You can refer customers to Shopify in two different ways: by creating development stores or by sharing your affiliate link.

Development store referrals

If you are a Shopify Partner, Expert, or Plus Partner and refer a customer to Shopify by creating a development store, then you will earn 20% of their monthly subscription fee for as long as they remain a Shopify merchant (not including Shopify Plus merchants), and as long as you remain active in the Shopify Partner Ecosystem.

To remain active in the ecosystem, complete one of the following activities within the 12-month period following your development store referral:

  • development store referral
  • affiliate link referral
  • upgrade or refer an existing merchant to Shopify Plus

If you haven't completed one of these activities by the end of the 12-month period (from the date that the merchant switches to the relevant plan), then all revenue share payments will reset to zero. You must carry out one of the above-listed activities during each consecutive 12-month period in order to remain entitled to continue receiving revenue share. You can track your development store referrals in your Partner Dashboard. This ongoing activity requirement takes effect as of October 1, 2017.

We calculate your revenue share based on invoices paid by the Shopify merchant you referred. After that merchant has paid their Shopify subscription invoice, you'll see your revenue tally start to grow.

If you refer a customer to Shopify using an affiliate link (your unique affiliate URL) instead of a development store, then your revenue is calculated differently. You will be paid a bounty payment worth two months of their monthly subscription fee (paid out over two months). For example, if a merchant chooses the $29 Basic Shopify plan, you’ll earn $58 total, paid out in two $29 installments over two months.

Refer a Shopify Plus customer

The revenue share that you'll earn when you refer a Shopify Plus customer depends on whether you're a Shopify Partner or Expert, or a Shopify Plus Partner.

For all partners located in Germany, France, Singapore, and Japan, there is an offer for 20% revenue share for any Shopify Plus development referrals you make before September 1, 2019. This offer includes merchants who upgrade to Plus through a Partner referral. In order to receive this incentive you must:

  • Fill out this Plus form to track your referral.
  • Send an email to your partner manager with an addressed bill to prove that you are in one of the offered locations.

Partners and Experts

For each customer you refer or upgrade to Shopify Plus, you’ll earn 10% of the monthly minimum platform fees paid by the customer for Shopify Plus. After you refer four Shopify Plus stores within a calendar year, you will receive an increased revenue share of 20% for the fifth and all subsequent Shopify Plus stores referred that year.

The revenue share percentage you are entitled to when you refer a particular Shopify Plus customer will apply for as long as they remain on Shopify Plus.

For example, the revenue share for your first four Shopify Plus customers shall remain at 10% for as long as those customers remain on Shopify Plus, and the revenue share for the fifth and any additional Shopify Plus customers brought on in the same calendar year shall remain at 20% for as long as those customers remain on Shopify Plus.

For any Shopify Plus customers you referred who signed up for Shopify Plus prior to February 1, 2017, you will continue to receive your revenue share calculated on their monthly subscription fees, until such time that the customer moves onto the new Shopify Plus pricing. After the customer moves onto the new Shopify Plus pricing, your revenue share will be calculated on the customer’s monthly minimum platform fee.

Plus Partners

As a Shopify Plus Partner, you can earn a revenue share for Shopify Plus merchants that you refer. The revenue share is based on the monthly platform fees paid by the merchant, which may vary month to month depending on the value of the transactions processed on the merchant's store for each month.

The amount of revenue that you will earn from each merchant depends on the type of referral:

  • If you refer a Plus merchant directly and close the deal with or without the help of Shopify's sales team, then you will earn a 20% revenue share.
  • If you upgrade a merchant to Shopify Plus who was tied to a legacy Partner, then you will earn a 20% revenue share going forward.
  • If you receive a lead from Shopify Plus and close it with or without our sales team, then you do not earn a revenue share.

Active Plus Partner definition

As a Shopify Plus Partner, you need to maintain your status as an Active Partner to retain the revenue share that you earn for Plus referrals. To be considered an Active Partner, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You've been a part of at least 5 Shopify Plus deals within the past 12 months.
  • You've been involved in at least one Shopify Partner event within the past 12 months.

If you don't meet the requirements for an Active Plus Partner, then you will no longer receive your legacy revenue share for any referrals brought in while you are a Plus Partner, and you will risk being removed from the Shopify Plus Partner program. You will continue to receive any revenue share that you earned for referring stores to Shopify plans other than Shopify Plus.

Sell an App on the Shopify App Store

You’ll earn a revenue share of 80% of the one-time price or recurring subscription fees for each app that you sell on the Shopify App Store.

Sell a theme on the Shopify Theme Store

You have two options for revenue share when you sell a theme on the Shopify Theme Store:

1. Collect 70% of each theme sale. If this option is selected, then you will be responsible for all bug fixes, as well as answering any customer questions about your theme. You may also sell your theme through a personal channel (for example, a company website), but not on open marketplaces.

2. Collect 50% of each theme sale. If this option is selected, then you will be responsible for all bug fixes, but Shopify will help answer any support questions about your theme. You may not sell your theme through any other channels.

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