Best practices for the Shopify Experts Marketplace

The Shopify Experts Marketplace aims to match the best potential experts with each merchant's job request. To succeed in the marketplace, make sure that you follow these guidelines.

Provide detailed information about pricing

Make sure to communicate clearly about the pricing for each job. Merchants want to understand the receivables, the price, and your timeline.

Communicate effectively with merchants

  • Shopify's Terms of Service require that all messages be answered within 24 hours. Experts who are attentive and communicate quickly are generally more successful in the marketplace.
  • Communicate promptly, clearly, and professionally with each merchant.
  • Having both parties understand the job's deliverables ensures smoother communication between both parties.

Identify responsibilities and milestones for each job

  • As early as possible in your conversation with the merchant, make sure you both understand each other's expectations and accountabilities.
  • Make sure to set clear milestones, and confirm that they're acceptable to both parties.
  • Have the payment options approved by both parties.
  • Agree on the timeline for all deliverables.

Follow up after a merchant has chosen you for a job

After you and the merchant have agreed to work together, it's up to you to set expectations on scope, price, and timelines. You shouldn't start the work until the merchant has agreed to the expectations and the payment process. Shopify can't guarantee any payments for you if you decide to start working before the agreement is made.

Manage your communications with merchants

The Shopify Experts Marketplace makes it easy to identify what's required for each merchant's job. When you receive a job, you find details of exactly what the merchant is looking for. From there, you can use the messaging platform in your Partner Dashboard to communicate with the merchant and clarify the scope of the job. The messaging platform also makes sure that both Experts and merchants are protected since all their conversations are documented with Shopify.

What should you include in setting expectations?

It's important that you provide the following details when you're setting expectations and coming to an agreement with a merchant:

  • A job summary, including due dates and the total budget.
  • Your hourly rate if there's additional work to be done outside of the scope.
  • A detailed breakdown of each part of the job (if the job is broken down into multiple parts).