Completing jobs and receiving reviews

After you've completed a job and received payment, you should mark it as completed in your Partner Dashboard. This notifies the merchant that you want to close the job, and gives them a chance either to approve your request or to decline if there's still work that's required. Once the merchant approves the completion request, they will be asked to leave a review.

By marking you jobs completed, you make it easier to track your success in the Shopify Experts Marketplace, and build trust with the merchants that you work with. You’ll also help improve the marketplace's matching algorithm so that it can better identify successful relationships and improve future matching. This helps us match you with the best merchants for you to have successful working relationships with.

Complete a job

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, click Jobs, and then click the job that you want to mark as completed.

  2. On the job's page, click Complete job:

    Shows the Complete job button in the Partner Dashboard

  3. On the Send job completion request dialog, enter a message (optional), and then click Send request:

    Shows the job completion request dialog in the Partner Dashboard

The merchant then receives a notification in their Shopify admin, where they can approve or decline the completion request:

Shows the job completion request notification in the Shopify admin

After the merchant has approved the request to mark the job as complete, they can leave a review relating to your quality of communication and quality of work. Once the review is completed it will show up in your reviews tab in the Partner Dashboard, where you view and reply to reviews.

Receiving reviews from jobs completed outside of the Shopify Experts Marketplace

To help capture the work that Experts do across the Shopify platform, reviews are also collected for jobs that they complete outside of the Shopify Experts Marketplace. When an Expert with a published profile hands off a development store, the merchant who receives it automatically gets a request to provide a review. First they're asked if the Expert worked on the store before transferring ownership. If so, then the merchant is asked to leave a review. In the review, they can describe the services that were provided and leave ratings for the Expert's communication and quality of work.

Replying to reviews

Replying to reviews can help you maintain or improve your relationships with merchants. Replying to reviews can also show potential merchants how active and engaged you are. You can reply to reviews if you have an owner account or if you have an owner account with the Manage public listings permission. You can change an account's permissions from the Partner Dashboard.


  1. Log into your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Go to Services > Reviews.
  3. Click on the review you want to reply to, and then click Reply to review.
  4. Enter your reply, then click Submit reply.

When you reply to a review, the merchant who left the review is notified. Although you can reply to every review, consider replying to reviews that have the lowest ratings, or that mention an issue the merchant has experienced. Prompt replies can help engage the merchant in a meaningful conversation.

Ideally, your response should address the merchant’s review in a clear and concise way. If possible, you should personalize your response to the merchant.

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