Performance metrics

To help you track the growth of your business through the Experts Marketplace, all Experts will receive a bi-weekly report via email, outlining their business growth through the marketplace. In addition, these metrics can also affect your ranking in Experts Marketplace search, so it’s important to us go give you visibility into these metrics.

Metrics for job requests received

In this section of the metrics report, we’ll share individual stats to each Expert, related to the following:

  • Total job requests received - number of jobs you’ve received within a given period
  • Percentage of job requests responded to - the percentage of job you responded to in order to accept, decline, or find out more details about the job
  • Average response time - the amount of time it takes you to respond to a job after its been received
  • Percentage of jobs declined without responding to - the percentage of jobs you declined right away, without responding to the merchant
  • Percentage of jobs that expired - the percentage of jobs that you did not get back to within a 72 hour period, and therefore expired
  • Percentage of job requests that you responded to and the merchants responded back - the percentage of merchants that respond to your responses, indicating that they’re pleased with your response and want to continue working with you
  • Percentage of job requests you responded to where merchants rejected your response - the percentage of merchants who, after receiving a response from you, no longer wanted to continue working with you

Metrics for job completion

In this section of the metrics report, we’ll share individual stats to each Expert, related to job completion:

  • Jobs completed (with merchant confirmation) - The number of jobs that the merchants you’ve worked with have indicated as completed
  • Jobs with first invoice paid - The number of jobs that have had at least one invoice paid
  • Reviews received - The number of reviews you’ve received for your work
  • Average review rating - The average of all the reviews you’ve received