Sending proposals

If you want to accept a job request that you've received through the Experts Marketplace, then you can get started by sending the merchant a proposal from the job's page in your Partner Dashboard. When you're getting your proposal ready, try to do the following:

  • Describe the work that you will be doing to meet the job's requirements
  • Identify any missing information about the job that's still required
  • Set expectations about the process and create milestones for each of the job's stages

It's a good idea to include as much relevant information as you can about the job in your proposal. This makes it more likely that your proposal will be accepted, and that the job will be completed successfully. Starting the process with open, detailed communication also makes it more likely that the merchant will leave a positive review, and contact you again for other jobs in the future.

If the merchant declines your proposal, then you can use their feedback to improve it before you submit it again.

Send a proposal for a job

You can send a proposal from a job's page in your Partner Dashboard.

The form that's used to create a proposal

The proposal form includes sections for the following information:

Proposed work

Use this section of the proposal to describe the work that you plan to do for the merchant. Include any specific features or tasks that you've already discussed with them, and a summary of how you plan to deliver the work. You can also use this section to identify any potentially related work that isn't included in your proposal.


Use this optional section to describe what the merchant needs to do before you can get started. For example, they might need to provide you with assets, install a specific app, or create an account for a related third-party service. It's often a good idea to explain why these prerequisites are necessary.

Estimated time to completion

Use this section of the proposal to tell the merchant how long you think the work will take to be completed.


Use this optional section to provide the following information:

  • The date when you will start the job
  • Any circumstances that could change the estimated time to completion
  • Any circumstances that might affect how quickly you can respond to the merchant, such as differences in your time zones or upcoming holidays

By setting clear expectations about your schedule, you can help to prevent the merchant from being frustrated by the length of time it takes either to complete the job or to contact you during the process.

Total job cost

Use this section of the proposal to specify the total cost of the work that you'll do for the merchant.

Payment terms

Use this optional section to describe how and when you're going to charge for your work. This can include payment preferences (whether payment is up front, at completion, or in installments), payment methods, and any caveats that you think are necessary (such as a refund policy or potential extra charges).