Managing jobs

Jobs are records of work you're completing for merchants. You can access the Jobs page from the Partner Dashboard by going to Services > Jobs.

If a merchant accepts a proposal and selects New store when prompted to select the store that they're working on, then a job isn't created. Instead, you can view the accepted proposal by clicking on the proposal message or by clicking on the accepted proposal in the Proposals and jobs pane of the conversation.

Below are some ways you can manage jobs in the Experts Marketplace.

Accessing messages for a job

To access a conversation with a merchant that is linked to a job, click on the conversation under Messages.


In addition to specifying the services you provide and their pricing, there are a few preferences available for you to better manage the types of communications that you receive. You can specify the following preferences:

  • Whether you are available for work and can be contacted from your Expert profile
  • Whether you want to appear in marketplace search results and be matched with merchants
  • Whether you want to work with dropshippers
  • The email where you receive message and job notifications

To update your job preferences, go to your Jobs page and click Edit preferences.

Managing jobs

You can manage and view the status of your jobs from the Partner Dashboard. Your jobs can be in one of the following states:

  • New - A new job you have not yet opened.
  • Opened - A new job you have opened, but not responded to.
  • Declined - A job you or the merchant has declined.
  • Expired - A job that has expired after 72 hours with no Expert response. Expired jobs can’t be acted upon.
  • Responded - A job that is waiting for the merchant to respond to your last message.
  • Awaiting response - A job where the merchant is waiting for you to respond to their last message.
  • Inactive - A job you have marked as inactive. You can continue to message the merchant through this job if you wish to.
  • Completed - A job you have marked as completed. See more about completing jobs and collecting reviews.

Assigning jobs to team members

If your organization has more than one team member, then you can assign specific team members to a job to more effectively track and manage your work. When you assign a team member to a job, that team member is notified by email. They'll also get emails about all future communications related to that job.


  1. Log into your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Click Jobs, then click the job that you want to assign.
  3. On the job's page, under Assignees, click Manage.
  4. Select the team members that you want to assign to the job, then click Assign.

You can also assign yourself to a job using the assign yourself option in the Assignees card.

Declining jobs

We understand that sometimes a particular job is not a good fit for you. When that happens, you can decline the job from the job page by clicking More actions > Decline job. You can decline a job at any point, but we recommend doing so as soon as you know that you’re not the right fit. This allows the merchant to proceed with another Expert, and still maintain a good impression of you.

In addition, our matching and ranking algorithms will take note of the types of jobs you commonly decline, to help us better match you to the right merchants.

If you received a message from a merchant, but the merchant hasn't accepted a proposal from you, then you can reply to the merchant that you're not able to accommodate their request. No further action is needed. Matching and ranking algorithms aren't impacted by your reply.