Create a members-only store

You can create a members-only store by showing a login or register page when customers navigate to your website. To make your store accessible only to registered customers, you need to edit your Customer accounts settings in the admin, and add some Liquid code to your theme.

Enable customer accounts

  1. In the Customer accounts section, click Accounts are required:

  2. Click Save.

Edit your theme.liquid file

  1. In the Layout directory, click theme.liquid.

  2. Find the opening <head> tag in the code. On a new line below the opening <head> tag, paste the following code:

    {% unless customer %}
        {% if template contains 'customers' %}
            {% assign send_to_login = false %}
        {% else %}
            {% assign send_to_login = true %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endunless %}
    {% if send_to_login and request.path != "/challenge" %}
    <meta content="0; url=/account/login?checkout_url=/" http-equiv="refresh" />
    {% else %}
  3. Find the closing </body> tag in the code. On a new line below the closing </body> tag, paste the following code:

    {% endif %}
  4. Click Save.

Change the page that logged-in customers are redirected to (optional)

Customers that log in are automatically redirected to the home page of the shop. You can edit where customers are redirected by editing the meta refresh tag URL in the code you just pasted.

  1. Find the following <meta> tag in the file:

    <meta content="0; url=/account/login?checkout_url=/" http-equiv="refresh" />
  2. Add the URL path you'd like to use just after checkout_url=/. For example, if you want your logged-in customers to go to your catalog page when they navigate to your site, add collections/all to the URL path. Your code should look like this:

    <meta content="0; url=/account/login?checkout_url=/collections/all" http-equiv="refresh" />
  3. Click Save.

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