Show VAT prices on your product pages

If your government requires you to show prices with taxes included, but you want your international customers to pay less than the VAT-included price, you will need to show two prices in your shop. One price will be with taxes included for your local customers, and one price will be without taxes for your international customers.

Set your tax rates

Shopify will automatically set your tax rates for you, but you might want to confirm that those rates are correct. To do so:

  1. Look at the tax rates. Click on the country's name to change a country's tax rate.

  2. In the Tax Calculations section, make sure that the Show all prices with tax included checkbox is unchecked.

    Tax calculation control panel

  3. Save any changes.

Edit your theme

We're going to find the locations where the theme calls on product price. This will generally appear as:

 {{ product.price | money }}

We will want to add in a variable here that will multiply the price by your tax rate:

{{ product.price | times:1.XX | money }}

Where XX = your tax rate. So if your tax rate is 10%, it should be times: 1.1. If it's 5%, it should be times:1.05. In Canada, the federal tax rate is 5%, so we'll use times: 1.05

This tutorial will use the Minimal theme as an example — every theme is built differently, so the areas where you have to modify your theme will differ if you're using another theme.

  1. There are four main places where we'll want to change the code to affect how prices are displayed:

Home Page and Collection listings

The Minimal theme changes this in the exact same spot.

  1. Click the Snippets folder to expand and view the folder's contents.

  2. Click the product-grid-item.liquid snippet to open it in the online code editor.

  3. Locate the following:

    {{ product.price | money }}
  4. Change it to:

    {{ product.price | times:1.05 | money }}
    Int price: {{ product.price | money }}

    So that it looks like this:

  5. Save your changes.

Product page

  1. Under the Templates folder, locate and click on product.liquid to open it in the online code editor.

  2. In the online code editor, look for:

    {{ product.price | money }}
  3. Change that to:

    {{ product.price | times:1.05 | money }}
  4. Under the <div class="purchase">, add:

    <h3>Int price: {{ product.price  | money }}</h3>

    before the closing </div> tag.

    It should look like this:

  5. Save your changes.


Showing the international price for each line item in the table will most likely just make the page very cluttered and confusing. So we'll just add a note at the top of the page that lets international customer know that they will receive 5% off of the listed price. We will also add an international price at the end of the cart.

  1. Under the Templates folder, locate and click on cart.liquid to open it in the online code editor.

  2. Under the opening <div>, add:

    <h3 style="text-align:center; color:red">All international orders receive 5% off!</h3>

    So that it appears like this:

  3. We'll now change the line item prices in the table so that they are also marked up:

    {{ item.line_price | money }}

    Changes to:

    {{ item.line_price | times:1.05 | money }}

    So that it appears as such:

  4. We'll now add the international final price below the regular final price. Change:

    {{ cart.total_price | money }}


    {{ cart.total_price | times:1.05 | money }}
    <br />
    Int price: {{ cart.total_price | money }}
  5. Save your changes.

Your shop will now show both your prices including VAT as well as your international price without. Check out this test shop to see how it works.

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