Theme development tools

You can use a few different tools that you can use to develop your theme.


You can use Slate to get started with Shopify theme development. Slate is a tool that's made up of two parts:

  • a theme scaffold consisting of templates, sections, starter styles, and helper scripts that you can use to get started
  • a toolkit of commands that compile theme files and sync your local files to your development store.

Slate uses a build process that is based on the folder structure of the theme scaffold and cannot be modified. If you prefer to use a custom build process, then use Shopify Theme Kit to sync your local theme files to your development store.

Shopify Theme Kit

You can use Shopify Theme Kit to set up a theme development environment. With Shopify Theme Kit, you can use your own development tools to interact with the Shopify platform in the following ways:

  • Use workflow tools like Git to work with a team of theme developers.
  • Upload themes to multiple environments.
  • Watch for local changes and upload them automatically to Shopify.
  • Work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Shopify online code editor

You can use the online code editor to view and edit your theme files. To access the code editor:

A browser window showing the online code editor in the Shopify admin

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