Using the Shopify TextMate bundle

This is a quick tutorial on how to install the Shopify TextMate Bundle by Meeech. You can download this bundle on GitHub here. Windows users: The bundle is now e-texteditor compatible. Please see the Windows “readme” file.

  1. After downloading the source, you'll have to unzip and then edit the folder name by deleting everything after '.tmbundle'.

    Renaming the folder will change the folder icon to the TextMate bundle icon.

  2. Double click on this bundle folder and TextMate will open and prompt you to install it.

Now that the bundle is installed, we'll need to generate an API key from the shop you want to edit.

To create API keys from your Shopify admin:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. In the header of the page, click Private Apps.

  3. If this is your first time, click Create a Private App.

  4. Add a title for your app and click Save app.

  5. Copy the new API key that is generated.

Now we'll open TextMate and enter the API key, password, and shop URL as shell variables.

  1. Open TextMate.

  2. Use CMD + ',' to open the TextMate preferences.

  3. Select "Advanced" and then "Shell Variables".

  4. Click the + icon and type "SHOPIFY_API_KEY" as the variable, and paste in your API key as the value. Click + again and enter "SHOPIFY_PASSWORD" and paste in the password. Lastly, click + and enter "SHOPIFY_STORE" and type in your myshopify URL (

  5. If you want to download your current theme, create a new folder in your OS where you'd like to store your project assets and other files, and create a new file inside of the folder. Open that project folder in TextMate and open the new file, then go to Bundles > Shopify > Download Full Theme. Your theme assets will download to your project folder.

  6. All features from Meeech's TextMate bundle are located in the "Bundles" menu under "Shopify". You can customize the shortcuts by going into Bundles > Bundle Editor > Show Bundle Editor.

In order to use shortcuts while your editing .liquid files you must have the Liquid TextMate Bundle installed and then select HTML (Liquid) from the syntax highlighter:

You're all set! Now you can update your hosted theme assets within TextMate.

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