Frame sections

Frame sections are sections that can be added to theme frames and are located in a theme’s frame/ directory.

These are the sections displayed at the top and bottom of the pages of an online store, like header and footer. They aren’t standardized by Shopify.

Rules for frame sections

  • Frame sections can only be added to theme frames. Similarly, only frame sections can be used in theme frames.

  • Frame sections must define a name in their schema.

  • Within the schema tags, frame sections can define all the properties of theme sections except for presets and max_blocks.

  • Frame sections don't support the content schema property, which is specific to content sections.

  • A maximum of 12 blocks and 10 settings for each section, content, or block can be defined in the section schema.

  • Frame sections can't be included in Liquid files through the {% section %} Liquid tag or added to content_for_index.

  • The deprecated {% include %} Liquid tag is not supported in frame sections.

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