Browser support requirements for themes

All themes sold in Shopify's Theme Store need to support the desktop and mobile browsers detailed below. These requirements are based on real browser activity across the Shopify platform.

Supported browsers

A theme's layout, browsing experience, and purchasing actions need to support the following browsers and releases:

Desktop browsers

  • Safari - latest two releases for Mac
  • Chrome - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Firefox - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Edge - latest two releases for PC
  • Internet Explorer - IE 11 only for PC

Mobile browsers

  • Mobile Safari - latest two releases for iOS
  • Chrome Mobile - latest three releases for Android and iOS
  • Samsung Internet - latest two releases for Android

Webviews and other applications

Themes must support browsing and purchasing actions when rendered in webviews for the following applications:

  • Instagram - latest release for Android and iOS
  • Facebook - latest release for Android and iOS
  • Pinterest - latest release for Android and iOS

Variations between browsers

It is not a requirement that a theme looks and behaves identically across all supported browsers. Because the technology supported by browsers can vary, it is expected that websites will render differently for different browsers, as well as for different releases of the same browser. For example, support for the CSS Grid specification can vary between full support, partial support, or no support between a browser's releases.

A theme must offer a comparable user experience across all supported browsers. To this end, you are encouraged to practice progressive enhancement, a development approach that ensures basic functionality is compatible with all browsers before more advanced functionality is added in.

Shopify requires that a browser has cookies enabled to add products to the cart. When cookies are disabled, a theme is not expected to support purchasing actions, however, other aspects of the browsing experience must be the same as when cookies are enabled.

It's recommended that themes show a message explaining that cookies need to be enabled before products can be purchased. Support for cookies can be detected with JavaScript.

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