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The country_option_tags object

The country_option_tags object creates an <option> tag for each country that is included as a shipping zone on the Shipping page of the admin.

An attribute called data-provinces is set for each <option>, and contains a JSON-encoded array of the country's subregions. If a country doesn't have any subregions, then an empty array is set for its data-provinces attribute.


<!-- Store ships only to Canada and the United Kingdom -->
<select name="country">
  {{ country_option_tags }}


<!-- Store ships only to Canada and the United Kingdom -->
<select name="country">
  <option value"---" data-provinces="[]">---</option>
  <option value="Canada" data-provinces="[["Alberta","Alberta"],["British Columbia","British Columbia"],["Manitoba","Manitoba"],["New Brunswick","New Brunswick"],["Newfoundland","Newfoundland"],["Northwest Territories","Northwest Territories"],["Nova Scotia","Nova Scotia"],["Nunavut","Nunavut"],["Ontario","Ontario"],["Prince Edward Island","Prince Edward Island"],["Quebec","Quebec"],["Saskatchewan","Saskatchewan"],["Yukon","Yukon"]]">Canada</option>
  <option value="United Kingdom" data-provinces="[]">United Kingdom</option>

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