Tämä opas sisältää päävaiheet, jotka sinun täytyy suorittaa Shopify-kaupan määrittämiseksi. Voit käyttää sitä lähtökohtana ja tietolähteenä varmistaaksesi, ettet unohda mitään olennaista tehtävää.

Vaihe 1: Määritä hallinnan perusasetukset

Before you start adding products and setting up your payments, there are a few administrative tasks that you should do:

  1. If you want to sell in person, then check with your local laws to see if the Shopify POS system is compliant in your country.
  2. Complete the initial setup so that your store address, email address, and other store settings are up to date.
  3. Know where to manage your account and access your billing information.
  4. Add staff accounts so that each of your staff members has a personal login account and all sensitive account information remains secure.

Vaihe 2: Lataa Shopify POS -sovellus

To get started with the Shopify POS app:

  1. Download and log in to Shopify POS.
  1. Get an overview of what the app can do, and understand the functionality of the different screens in the app.
  2. Configure your general Shopify POS app settings on the POS device that you'll be using.
  3. Log in to the app.

Vaihe 3: Lisää ja järjestä tuotteesi

If you don’t have anything in your store yet, then you can start with some of the basics.

To set up your products:

  1. Add products to sell in your store from the Shopify admin or from your Shopify POS app. Make sure you add images so you can easily browse through your products on your POS device.

  2. Configure the taxes for your products.

  3. Create a collection if you want to organize your products into categories.

  4. Set the availability to Point of sale.

  5. Stock products at your Shopify POS locations.

  1. Get familiar with product inventory and transfers since you'll want to keep track of the products that you have available in your store.

Vaihe 4: Määritä veroja koskevat tiedot

Charging sales tax is an important part of running your business. Depending on where your store is located, there are different rules and regulations about sales tax that apply to your products. To make sure that your store meets those rules, take some time to understand Shopify’s tax setup process.

Charge taxes based on your physical location

When you are using Shopify POS, you need to:

  1. Set your store's location(s) in your Shopify admin.
  2. Set the taxes for your store's physical location.
  3. Assign the location to an iPad that you use to complete transactions in your store.

If you need to adjust taxes manually based on a region with unique tax restrictions or a specific collection of products, you can use tax overrides.

Keep track of your taxes

When you configure the tax settings for your products, you should also think about how you are going to keep track of your taxes throughout the year. There are important dates and deadlines that you must be aware of when filing your taxes (especially in the United States).

If you’re not sure about what system you are going to use to keep track of your taxes, you may want to look at some accounting apps in the Shopify App Store.

Vaihe 5: Varmista, että asiakkaat voivat maksaa sinulle

To make sure that customers can pay you, you need to set up a payment provider. A payment provider lets you accept payments securely. Shopify offers its own payment provider (Shopify Payments), and supports a variety of third-party payment providers for Shopify POS.

To set up a payment provider:

  1. Activate Shopify Payments or select one of the supported third-party payment providers for Shopify POS.

  2. Get to know the various transaction types using your Shopify POS app.

Vaihe 6: Tilaa ja määritä POS-laitteistosi

When you're setting up your POS checkout system, make sure that you have the retail hardware that meets your needs. Depending on what hardware you want to use, you also need to check if your store's Shopify plan supports it:

  • All monthly plans let you accept credit card payments on your iPhone or iPad using a supported card reader.

  • If you want to add more hardware, such as a cash register and a receipt printer, then you also need to be on the Shopify plan or higher.

To set up your POS hardware:

  1. Figure out what hardware you need for your store before you order it.

  2. Find out where you can purchase your hardware (depending on what country you live in). If you live and run your business in the United States, then you can rent POS hardware from Shopify Hardware Rentals.

  3. Configure your in-store Wi-Fi network so that your hardware can connect to Shopify.

  4. Install your hardware and make sure that everything is working as it should.

Getting help with POS hardware

If you have questions about POS hardware you purchased, then you can look for help in the Shopify POS documentation or contact Shopify's Support team.

If you have questions about any POS hardware you are renting, then you can contact our hardware rental specialists.

Vaihe 7: Tee testitilauksia

Now that you've configured your payment settings and set up your hardware, you should try out a few transactions to make sure that everything works properly and get familiar with the process of taking payments from your customers.

You can run test orders for a few different types of transactions:

Vaihe 8: Mainosta verkkokauppaasi

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