Exchange Marketplace makes it easy and secure for you to buy or sell a business online. Browse our listings, find something that's right for you, and we'll help both parties complete the sale. You can use Exchange to browse through ready-made online stores with high-traffic, semi-automated drop shipping businesses, or pre-made Starter Stores with everything you need to start making sales. Since its launch, Exchange has attracted thousands of buyers searching for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

Etkö ole varma, mitä etsit? Käy missä tahansa kategoriassa ja kavenna valikoimaa suodattimilla löytääksesi sopivan vastaavuuden budjettisi, sijaintisi tai tietyn alan kiinnostavuuden perusteella.

Voit myös tilata uutiskirjeemme, jotta parhaat uudet listaukset sähköpostitetaan sinulle viikottain.

Lisätietoja yrityksen listauksesta tai ostettavien yritysten selaamisesta on alla olevissa linkeissä.

Requirements and Guidelines

It is our goal to provide a fair and safe environment for anyone looking to buy or sell a business on Exchange. To help achieve this, we've set the following requirements and guidelines:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You can't be a resident of any of the following countries: Belarus, Cuba, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Moldova, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, or Zimbabwe.
  • Do not use your Exchange listing to promote services.
  • Do not include your personal email address, phone number, or any other form of contact information in your listing. Buyers should only message you through Exchange.
  • Always have Exchange make account ownership changes for you.
  • Buyers and sellers should only message you through Exchange.
  • All listings should be unique and not copies of existing Exchange listings.
  • Online store templates that are sold on Exchange must be unique. To avoid issues with dissatisfied buyers, it's important that each business sold is not a duplicated version of another one.
  • Unlike regular development online stores made by partners, businesses that are listed on Exchange are not eligible for a revenue share.
  • Do not encourage buyers to pay you outside of Exchange's payment flow. Here's why.

Failing to meet any of these requirements and guidelines can result in you being permanently banned from using the Exchange Marketplace.

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