स्टाफ खाता

When you have several people accessing your Shopify admin, it's a good idea to create staff accounts for each person. With staff accounts, you can set staff account permissions and let other people access your Shopify admin, without giving them access to sensitive information. Having individual staff accounts can also help you to keep track of recent changes and events on your store's timeline.

उपलब्ध कर्मचारियों की संख्या आपके Shopify मूल्य योजना द्वारा निर्धारित की जाती है:

  • Shopify Lite योजना में 1स्टाफ़ खाता शामिल होता है.
  • बेसिक Shopify योजना में 2 स्टाफ़ खाते शामिल हैं.
  • Shopify योजना में 5 कर्मचारी खाते शामिल हैं.
  • उन्नत Shopify योजना 15 स्टाफ़ शामिल करती हैं.
  • Shopify Plus योजना असीमित स्टाफ़ शामिल करती हैं.

ध्यान दें: स्टाफ़ खातों की संख्या, खाता स्वामी के अतिरिक्त है.

A staff member can have one of the following levels of permissions:

  • Owner permissions - Allows unlimited access to a Shopify store. The staff member can manage the account and the financial information for the store.

    There can only be one account owner at a time. By default, this is the person that originally opened the Shopify store.

  • Full permissions - Allows access to all sections of a Shopify store, apart from sensitive account or financial information.

  • Limited permissions - Restricts a user to specified sections of your store. When you restrict a staff member from a section of the admin, they still see it in the sidebar of the admin, but they can't click or view any part of that section. For example, if you restrict a staff member from accessing your Settings page, then you also restrict them from accessing the shipping and the tax settings.

    The reasons for using limited permissions for staff will be different for each store. For example, you might want to use staff permissions in the following cases:

    • You don't want staff members to see any of your sales information, such as sales by month or sales by staff on the Reports page.
    • You don't want staff members to access any sensitive apps that might affect your business on the Apps page.
    • You don't want staff members to change any of your general store settings, such as your store address or your credit card information on the Settings page.

Only the account owner can create and delete staff accounts. Users with Full permissions can modify other staff accounts and create POS staff PINs. Staff members cannot edit the store owner's account.

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