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Shopify's Bulk Discounts app allows you to create large quantities of discount codes at a time to use in your store. The app allows you to:

  • Create large quantities of unique discount codes
  • Upload lists of discount codes from a site like Groupon
  • Review and delete discount sets created from within the app.

Generating discount codes with Bulk Discounts

You can use Bulk Discounts to generate large sets of discount codes or coupons for your customers to use as part of a marketing strategy for your Shopify store.

Much like the discount code feature on Shopify, Bulk Discounts sets can be generated for a dollar value discount ($10 off) or for a percentage discount (10% off). Bulk Discounts requires you to have access to the regular discount code feature of your shop, which means that it can only be used in stores with a Basic Shopify plan or higher.

The functionality of Bulk Discounts is much like generating discount codes through the Discounts menu in your store admin.

For more general information on how the Shopify discount engine works, refer to Shopify's documentation on discounts.

Using the Bulk Discounts app, you can create discount codes by defining your own discount code prefix (name), or by importing discount codes from a third party.

Create a discount code set

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps (or press G A):

  2. Click the Bulk Discounts app to open the Bulk Discounts Creator.

  3. Click New Discount Set:

    Click 'New Discount Set'
  4. Fill in the the following sections about your discount set:

    • Generate discounts — this section allows you to name your discount set and to set how many times a discount code from this set can be used. In this example, the campaign is named Unicorn Discounts, and it provides a one-time use coupon code:
    The 'Generate discounts' form
    • Discount type — this section allows you to set your discount type. This is like the discount feature in your store admin:
    Choosing a discount type
    • Date range — this section allows you to set an expiry date for the discount set. You can set both a start date and an end date for your discount sets:
    Setting start and end dates for a discount
    • Name and number of discounts — this section allows you to set the name of the discount codes that you want to offer to your customers. You can do this by generating your own codes using a prefix, or by importing discount codes from a third party.

Generate discount codes from a prefix

To generate discount codes using a prefix:

  1. Select Generate the discount codes using a prefix:

    The 'Name and number of discounts' form
  2. Enter a prefix you want to apply to your offer into the Discount prefix field. The section will display an example code based on your prefix:

    Setting a discount prefix
  3. Set the number of discount codes you want to generate. In the example, the number is set to 30.

  4. Click Save Discount Set to create the discount codes.

Generate discount codes from a third party

To generate discount codes from a third party:

  1. Select Import the discount codes:

    The 'Generate discounts' form


    When working with a third party, such as Groupon, you are issued a list of the discount codes that the third party will be selling on your behalf. You can copy and paste these discount codes into the entry box.

  2. Make sure that every discount code is on its own line:

    Separating discount codes by line

    The app gives you a total count of how many discount codes will be created.

  3. Click Save Discount Set to create the discount codes.

Managing discount sets

Once a discount set is created, it will be listed on the app's main page. You can manage your discount sets from within the app. This includes tasks such as viewing the status of a discount set, exporting a discount set, deleting a single code from a discount set, and deleting an entire discount set. While you can see similar information from your store admin Discount menu, managing a large discount set is typically easier from within the app itself.

Reviewing discount set status

When customers use a discount set, you can view its activity on the main page of the Bulk Discounts app. From the main page you can see how many codes from a particular discount set have been used, the conversion rate as calculated by code usage, and the start and end date of the codes from that particular discount set:

Viewing details of a discount code set

You can click a discount set to view it in detail. You can see a list of all the discount codes in that set, whether each code has been redeemed or not, and you can delete a code. From this page you can also export the discount code list as a .csv file or delete the entire discount set.

As discount codes are redeemed from the set, they are sorted to the bottom of the set. To view which discount codes have been used, navigate to the end of the set.


There are 30 discounts displayed per page.

Export a discount set

To export a discount set list as a .csv file, click the Export button in the discount set's detailed view.

Click 'Export'

This provides you with a .csv file of all the discounts in that set.

Delete a single code from a set

To remove a single code from a discount set, click the trash bin icon.

Click the trash bin button

Delete an entire discount set

To remove an entire discount set from your store:

  1. Click the Remove all Discounts button in the detailed view.

  2. Confirm that you want to remove all the codes.


Once a discount set has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Once confirmed, the discount set will display as queued for deletion.

A discount set that has been queued for deletion


Depending on how large the discount set is, this can take some time.


Does Bulk Discounts give the ability to create discounts based on the number of items ordered?

No. Bulk Discounts is a discount code generator that creates large sets of discount codes to be used at checkout. Discounts based on large or bulk orders of an item are called quantity breaks. You can search the app store for apps that provide this functionality.

Is there a delay before the discount code sets become active?

Yes. The Bulk Discounts app requires some time to generate all the discount codes in your store because it works with Shopify's robust API to generate them. The API has a call limit applied to it to prevent instability for large-scale tasks such as mass generation of discount codes through this app. The Shopify API documentation has more information on the API call limit.

Is there a delay before the discount code sets are deleted?

Yes. As with activating discount code sets, the system requires time to delete a discount code set for the same reasons that it takes time to generate a discount code set. Shopify's API has a call limit imposed on it to prevent instability for large-scale tasks such as deletion of a large discount code set.

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