Creating sets of discount codes or coupons with the Bulk Discounts app

Using the Bulk Discounts app is much like generating discount codes through the Discounts menu in your store admin. Unlike creating discount codes using the Discounts menu, however, the app lets you create bulk sets of discount codes or coupons to offer your customers monetary, percentage, or shipping discounts on products in your store.

Create a discount code set

Before you generate discount codes, you need to create a discount code set. To create a discount code set using the Bulk Discounts app:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps:

  2. Click the Bulk Discounts app to open the Bulk Discount Creator.

  3. Click New Discount Set:
    Click 'New Discount Set'
  4. Fill in the the following sections about your discount set:

    • Generate discounts — this section allows you to name your discount set and to set how many times a discount code from this set can be used. In this example, the campaign is named Unicorn Discounts:
      The 'Generate discounts' form
    • Discount type — this section allows you to set your discount type. This is like the discount feature in your store admin:
      Choosing a discount type
    • Date range — this section allows you to set an expiry date for the discount set. You can set both a start date and an end date for your discount sets:
      Setting start and end dates for a discount
    • Name and number of discounts — this section allows you to set the name of the discount codes that you want to offer to your customers. You can do this by generating your own codes using a prefix, or by importing discount codes from a third party.
  5. Click Generate the discount codes using a prefix to identify the code or coupon with a prefix:

    The 'Name and number of discounts' form

    Enter a prefix you want to apply to your offer in the Discount prefix field. The field will display an example code based on your discount name:

    Setting a discount prefix
  6. Set the number of discount codes you want to generate. In the example, the number is set to 30.

  7. Click Save Discount Set to create the discount codes.

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