Importing lists of discount codes or coupons with the Bulk Discounts app

To generate discount codes from a third party platform:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps:

  2. Click the Bulk Discounts app to open the Bulk Discount Creator.

  3. Click New Discount Set:

    Click 'New Discount Set'
  4. Fill in the the following sections about your discount set:

    • Generate discounts — this section allows you to name your discount set and to set how many times a discount code from this set can be used. In this example, the campaign is named Unicorn Discounts:
      The 'Generate discounts' form
    • Discount type — this section allows you to set your discount type. This is like the discount feature in your store admin:
      Choosing a discount type
    • Date range — this section allows you to set an expiry date for the discount set. You can set both a start date and an end date for your discount sets:
      Setting start and end dates for a discount
  5. In the name and number of discounts section, select Import the discount codes:

  6. Add the discount does into the entry box. Make sure that every discount code is on its own line:

    Separating discount codes by line

    The app gives you a total count of how many discount codes will be created.


    When working with a third party service such as Groupon, you are issued a list of the discount codes that the third party will sell on your behalf. You can copy and paste these discount codes into the entry box.

  7. Click Save Discount Set to create the discount codes.

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