Managing discount sets

Once a discount set is created, it will be listed on the app's main page. You can use the Bulk Discounts app to review and export discount sets as well as delete individual discount codes and entire discount sets.

Review discount set status

When customers use a discount set, you can view its activity on the main page of the Bulk Discounts app. From the main page you can see how many codes from a particular discount set have been used, the conversion rate as calculated by code usage, and the start and end date of the codes from that particular discount set:

Viewing details of a discount code set

You can click a discount set to view it in detail. You can see a list of all the discount codes in that set, whether each code has been redeemed or not, and you can delete a code. From this page you can also export the discount code list as a .csv file or delete the entire discount set.

As discount codes are redeemed from the set, they are sorted to the bottom of the set. To view which discount codes have been used, navigate to the end of the set.


There are 30 discounts displayed per page.

Export a discount set

To export a discount set list as a .csv file, click the Export button in the discount set's detailed view.

Click 'Export'

This provides you with a .csv file of all the discounts in that set.

Delete a single discount code from a set

To remove a single code from a discount set, click the trash bin icon.

Click the trash bin button

Delete an entire discount set


Once a discount set has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

To remove an entire discount set from your store:

  1. Click the Remove all Discounts button in the detailed view.

  2. Confirm that you want to remove all the codes.

Once confirmed, the discount set will display as queued for deletion.

A discount set that has been queued for deletion


Depending on how large the discount set is, this can take some time.

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