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The Canada Post app is being deprecated and replaced by Shopify Shipping. Shopify recommends uninstalling the app if you are using Shopify Shipping to avoid duplicate rates during checkout.

Canada Post for Shopify is an app that enables the use of real-time carrier shipping rates for Canadian merchants who wish to use Canada Post as a shipping carrier. You will need this app in order to provide those rates to your customers when they purchase from your store. This app operates very similarly to the native FedEx, UPS, and USPS real-time carrier shipping modules on the Shipping Settings page, but is located within your store's App menu.

Setting up Canada Post

Canada Post will work with any non-contract VentureOne account. These accounts are available for free from Canada Post.

After you install Canada Post from the Shopify App Store, you will be given the option to link your Canada Post account or use the app to provide rates only:


If you do not link the app to your VentureOne account, you will not be able to print shipping labels from within the app. You will need to use other means to generate shipping labels for your orders.

Link your Canada Post account

When you click Link Canada Post Account, you will be brought to the Canada Post website. You will need to provide your Canada Post username and password to authorize Canada Post services for your store.

Ventureone account signin

You can use your credit card on file with Canada Post to pay for shipping labels generated through the app. If you do not have a VentureOne account, you will be able to sign up for one at this stage of setting up the app.

After you successfully log in to the Canada Post website, the app will ask you to select which credit card to use in order to purchase shipping labels through the app. If you do not have a credit card on file with Canada Post, you will be asked to enter one during this step.

Card select


You must provide payment details to Canada Post in order to print shipping labels through the app.

When you agree to authorize Canada Post to charge your credit card for transactions on behalf of Shopify, you will be brought to the app's Settings to verify and confirm your Shipping From Location, and proceed to configure the app.

Use the app for shipping rates only


If you have linked your Canada Post account to the app, this section does not apply to you.

You may want to select this option if you have a prearranged method for printing shipping labels, such as another app or service that provides shipping labels for you.

Configuring the Canada Post app


The Account page in the app allows you to:

  • View your current credentials
  • Change the account associated with the app
  • Link your Canada Post VentureOne account to the app
  • Configure your Shipping From Location if it is different from your store's normal address in your General Settings

Shipping Options

The Shipping Options page in the app allows you to configure which rates you would like to offer to your customers and to specify which shipping options you wish to set, either by default or for a specific rate.

The rates you offer your customers vary depending on where the order is shipping to. There are three tabs to choose which rates apply depending on your order destinations: Domestic, United States, and International.

Domestic us international

Each tab has its own specific rates, so be sure to double check the rates you wish to offer for each option. If you wish to set your own rates for a specific country, you can disable all rates for an area. This will make your customer select one of your regular shipping rates during checkout.

Each tab can also be configured to apply particular options both by default and for a specific shipping rate. You can have the following options configured within the app:

  • Collect on delivery
  • Do not safe drop (does not allow the package to be left in a safe place on or near the customer's door)
  • Coverage (provides insurance for your orders, and must include delivery confirmation)
  • Card for pick-up (Canada Post notifies the customer that the item is to be picked up at the post office)
  • Leave at door - do not card (allows Canada Post to leave the package on or near the customer's door)
  • Delivery confirmation (requires confirmation of delivery)
  • Signature option (ensures that a personal hand-off of the item occurs at delivery and that there is proof of this activity)
  • Proof of age required (note that 18+ and 19+ are separate options)

These options can be applied to all shipping rates or just to individual shipping rates, depending on your preference. To ensure an option is used on all rates, apply it as a default shipping option.

This tab also allows you to test your shipping rates, which lets you get a sense of what rates your customers will be offered.

Pre-set Boxes

The Canada Post app can automatically calculate volumetric weight based on dimensions you set in the Pre-set Boxes tab. If you'd like, you can set a default box that will encompass most of the packages you ship. You should use this option only if your items are shipped in consistently-sized boxes, and if you know the approximate average weight of each of your orders.

If your orders vary greatly in weight, do not set a default weight when defining your default box for rate estimates.

You can also configure options for non-delivery. This is a mandatory requirement for international shipments. If you do not select an option for non-delivery, you will still have the ability to override your pre-set boxes to set an option when you are printing a shipping label.

Processing orders through Canada Post

When an order where a customer selects a Canada Post rate is placed in your store, the order will appear within the app on the orders overview page. To navigate to the orders overview page, click All on the left panel.

Order overview

This menu is used to:

  • Print shipping labels
  • Mark your orders as fulfilled in the app and in the Orders page in the Shopify admin
  • Override shipping rates on orders

To print a shipping label: click on the order to access its detailed view. From within this menu, click PRINT SHIPPING LABEL to continue.

To print a shipping label:

  1. Select a pre-set box type, or create a custom box for this order.
  2. Configure shipping options for this order (if necessary).
  3. Configure the preferred shipping type.
  4. Click PRINT LABEL to pay for and print the shipping label.


Canada Post will charge you (the store owner) directly for the shipping label. If you select a more expensive shipping rate for the order than your customer did, you will pay the difference.


Can I switch from having a rates only configuration to an active account, or vice versa?

Yes. On the account page within the app, you can change your account between rates only and active by clicking change account.

I'm receiving an error that reads "The Mailed on Behalf of Customer Number is invalid." What do I do?

This indicates there is an issue with your VentureOne account. To resolve this error, you must contact Canada Post's Credit Management Group at 1-800-267-7651.

Does this app provide discounts towards Canada Post label printing costs (such as PayPal)?

No. The app does not offer any discounted labels.

What type of Canada Post VentureOne accounts are supported through the app?

Only non-contract VentureOne accounts can be used with the app right now. Commercial parcel agreement accounts can be used when linking an account through the app but will receive an error when they try to print a label. For customers with a Canada Post volume-based commercial parcels agreement, Shopify recommends using a third party shipping app that supports this account type.

I get an error stating that my postal code is incorrect when I try to use the app, what does this mean?

Your shipping location must have a valid postal code set before you can use the app. This can be set on the shipping settings page in the admin.

Can I void a shipping label if I make a mistake?

You can't void a label through the app itself. You can contact Canada Post support for more information on this.

There are no orders when I first log in to the app. How do I print labels on older orders?

Only new paid orders or orders that you specifically import are shown. You can import orders through your Shopify admin by clicking the Print Canada Post Shipping Label link at the top of the order page.

Why do I get the message "Your Shopify plan does not include the carrier calculated shipping feature. This app will not provide rates to customers on checkout without that feature" when I log into the app?

Your Shopify plan must have the carrier calculated shipping feature to take advantage of real-time carrier shipping rates. Please contact Shopify's support team for more information about this feature.

What does the error "This product requires a valid value for Non-Delivery Handling" mean?

The order must include instructions in case the package cannot be delivered to the customer. Click Override to select the option to:

  • Return at sender's expense
  • Abandon
  • Return to sender

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