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This app is unpublished and unsupported. It cannot be installed. If you want to use Shopify with WordPress, use the plugin for Business users can promote and sell products by embedding Shopify products directly into WordPress blog posts and pages.

Easily embed products from your Shopify store into your blog by copy and pasting a product URL into a blog post. That link is replaced automatically with the product’s image, name, details, and a customizable Buy Button.

Getting started

  1. After you've downloaded and installed the app from the Shopify App Store, click Connect to your account to log in and authorize your blog.

  2. On the left sidebar, click the eCommerce Plugins tab.

  3. Click the Activate button to activate the Shopify plugin:

    Plugin activate

  4. On the left sidebar, click the Shopify link located under the Settings menu.

  5. Enter your Shopify store name and click the Connect this account button to connect to your store:

    Plugin connect

  6. To customize the look of your embedded products, edit these settings and click the Save settings button:

    Plugin settings

Embed a product into

When you've set up the Shopify plugin, you can start adding your products to To embed a Shopify product into a blog post or page:

  1. Navigate to a product page in your Shopify store and copy the URL:

    Product copy

  2. Navigate to a blog post or page and paste the URL into the body of the post:

    Product paste

When you publish your blog post, the product URL will automatically embed your product image, product information, and a Buy button:

Product embed

Generating shortcodes

For advanced users, this app provides a shortcode generator to further customize the look of an embedded product. To generate a shortcode:

  1. On a Shopify product page, click the ... button and click Generate Shortcode from the drop-down menu:

    Shortcode 1

  2. Click the Create WordPress post button to create a new WordPress blog post with the shortcode already inserted:

    Shortcode 2

Did you know?

You can also click the Copy to clipboard link to copy the shortcode and paste anywhere yourself.

The following shortcode parameters can be added to further customize the look of an embedded product:

  • image_size="value": Set the size of the product image. The value can be set to small, medium, large, or grande.
  • style="value": Set the presentation style of the embedded product. The value can be simple or centered.
  • destination="value": Set the destination for the link and the Buy Button. The value can be checkout, cart, or product.
  • button_text="value": Set the label for the Buy Button. The value can be any text, for example, Buy Me!.
  • border_padding="value": Set the spacing inside the border (the spacing between the border and the product image). The value can in pixels or ems, for example, 16px or 1em.
  • text_color="value": Set the text color for the product name and details. The values can be in Hexadecimal, RGB, or RGBA. For example, for the color Black, use #000000, or RGB(0, 0, 0), or RGBA(0, 0, 0, 1).
  • background_color="value": Set the background color.
  • border_color="value": Set the border color.
  • button_background="value": Set the background color for the button.
  • button_text_color="value": Set the text color for the button.

Disconnect account

You may only have one account connected per Shopify account. To disconnect a account:

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Apps and then click the Shopify for app logo:

    Apps page

  2. Click Connect to a different account link:


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