Set up your domain with eNom

If you've bought a domain from eNom, you must reconfigure your DNS settings to point the domain at your Shopify-hosted storefront.

Before you begin

Before you follow these instructions, you should be familiar with the general procedure for modifying your DNS settings. You will also have to add your domain in your Shopify admin.

After you've added your domain and set it up with your third-party provider, it can take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect. You can check the status of your domains on the Domains page in your Shopify admin.

Set up your domain with eNom

To set up your domain with eNom:

  1. Log in to your eNom account:

    Enom login

  2. From the Account Overview page, click Domains > My Domains:

    Enom 2

  3. Click Host Records under the domain you want to modify:

    Enom host records

  4. On the Host Records page, make the following changes:

    • Configure the www CNAME (Alias) record to point to your URL
    • Configure the * A (Address) record to point to Shopify's IP:
      Enom 3
  5. Click save.


If you are not able to edit your DNS records from within your domain provider's admin, you've probably pointed your domain's nameservers to a third party. To resolve this issue, you must contact your domain provider to have them point your domain's nameservers to their default nameservers.

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