Using a third-party domain

If you're using a third-party domain, then you need to change its settings before it can connect to your Shopify store. If you buy a domain through Shopify, then you don't need to do this setup.

You will find setup instructions for the most popular domain providers, but you should read these general instructions first so you have a broad understanding of the process before you begin.


Shopify Support can't log in to your third-party domain account for you, even if you give us explicit permission.

Buying a domain

If you don’t already have one, decide what your new domain name will be, and buy it from your provider of choice. You can use any domain name you like, as long as it isn't already in use. Your domain name is an important part of your online brand, so take some time to think carefully about the name you'll use.

The domain provider that you choose is up to you. We've provided setup instructions for some of the most common third-party providers, so you can look through the steps and choose a provider based on the ease of set up.


If you buy your custom domain through Shopify, the DNS settings will be configured for you.

Next steps

After you purchase a domain from a third-party provider, you need to:

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