Configure your Shopify domain preferences using OpenSRS

When you buy a domain through Shopify, you are actually purchasing your domain from OpenSRS, however, Shopify handles the billing for your store. Any charges related to your domain will appear as an invoice from Shopify.


You cannot cancel your domain registration after you purchase it. All domain registrations are final sale. If you cancel your subscription to Shopify, you will still have the domain registered to you until the domain expires. You can transfer your domain away from Shopify so that it doesn't expire and you don't lose the ability to use that domain.

You can view and edit your DNS settings in Shopify without logging in to OpenSRS.

Logging in to OpenSRS

You can log in to OpenSRS at

Opensrs 0


To get your login credentials, you have to contact Shopify Support.

If you forget your login credentials, you can reset your password.

Resetting your password

If you forget your OpenSRS password, you can reset it at


Each of your passwords should be unique. Don't use the same password for more than one account, even if the accounts are related.

To reset your OpenSRS password:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your domain name and click Manage Domain to attempt to log in:

    Click manage domain
  3. In the next dialog, click Reset password:

    Click reset password
  4. Select who you want to send the email to and click Send Password Reset Email:

    Click send password reset email


    If you bought a domain through Shopify, you are automatically set as the Owner and the Admin.

  5. Open the email from Shopify and click the link to complete your password reset:

    Password reset email
  6. Enter a new password, confirm it, and then click Save Password:

    Click save password
  7. Log in with your new password.

You can log in to your OpenSRS account at

Enabling domain privacy

WHOIS Privacy

WHOIS (pronounced "who is") is a service you can use to look up information about the owner of a domain name.

WHOIS privacy is a service that hides your domain information from a WHOIS lookup and replaces your contact information with contact details. This allows your personal contact information to remain hidden from the public. You can purchase WHOIS privacy from your domain provider for an additional fee. WHOIS privacy is included when you purchase your domain through Shopify.

To enable domain privacy:

  1. To enable domain privacy, click Domain Extras from the header navigation menu:

    Opensrs 5

  2. Click the radio button to Enable WHOIS Privacy:

    Opensrs 6

  3. Click Save Configuration. You will be charged immediately for the domain privacy upgrade.

Domain privacy applies for one year. If you disable it before the expiration date, you will not be charged for privacy until you enable it again after the original year has passed.

Transferring your domain

To transfer your domain to another domain host, you must unlock your domain, and provide your new host with your Domain Authorization Code. Unless you are transferring your domain, you should not unlock your domain, and treat your Domain Authorization Code as you would a password.

To unlock your domain:

  1. From the header navigation menu, click Domain Locking:

    Opensrs 11
  2. Click Disable and then click Submit to save the changes to your domain:

    Opensrs 12


    It can take up to 24 hours for domain changes, such as changing your domain locking, to take effect.

To get your Domain Authorization Code:

  1. Click Domain Extras from the main header navigation menu:

    Opensrs 13

  2. Your Domain Authorization Code is displayed in the top section of this menu:

    Opensrs 14

Transferring OpenSRS domains to

You can transfer your domain to, which is a different branch of OpenSRS' parent company, Tucows. Transferring your domain to Hover typically takes less time than transferring to another domain host, which can take up to 5 days to complete a domain transfer.

You can transfer your OpenSRS domain to by following the instructions on their website.

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