Facebook Ads Credit


The Facebook Ads Credit has been discontinued. This document exists to guide you if you created your Shopify store before the promotion ended.

If you have signed up for a Shopify store and have never used Facebook Ads before, you might be eligible for a Facebook Ads credit worth about $75 USD (the amount varies by country).

Claim your Facebook Ad Credit

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Discounts (or press G D):


  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Discounts page to find your promotional codes for Facebook Ads.

  3. Click Claim your Facebook Ad Coupon.

  4. Confirm your choice in the dialog menu by clicking Claim your Ad credit.

  5. Your credit code will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press ctrl + C on a PC or command + C on a Mac to copy the code.

Redeem your Facebook Ad Credit

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.

  2. On the left navigation bar, choose the page you would like to advertise.

  3. Click ..., then select Create Ad:

Facebook ad 1

Set up your Facebook Ad Campaign

  1. Choose your campaign's objective. There are many different options, from generating additional traffic to having more people view your videos:

    Facebook ad 2
  2. Title the campaign. This will not be seen by customers, but will be shown to you so you can tell your ad campaigns apart.

  3. Fill out the following information to narrow down your target audience:

* Location - can be as broad as a country, or as narrow as your local zip code. * Age - the primary age range of your ad campaign. * Gender - the primary gender of your ad campaign. * Language - the primary language used in your advertisement. * More Demographics - other narrowing factors, such as religion or life events (eg. birthdays, weddings). * Interests - narrows your audience by their likes of movies, music, page likes, and sports etc. * Behaviors - how people purchase, how they use their devices online, and other marketing groupings. * Connections - choose who can see the ad; your friends only, friends of friends, or everyone.

Facebook ad 3

Learn more about how to target your ad campaign ›

  1. After you have selected your target audience, choose how much you would like to spend on the campaign. This can be a certain amount per day or a certain amount in total:

    Facebook ad 4
  2. Set a start and end date. This is very useful for seasonal ad campaigns. The ad can also run indefinitely.

  3. Pick a design and text for the body of the ad:

    Facebook ad 5
  4. Click Place Order.

  5. On the payment page, paste your credit code (press ctrl + V on a PC or command + V on a Mac). If the cost of your campaign will exceed the amount of your Facebook Ads credit, you can also enter an alternate payment method.

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