Your Kit account

When you start working with Kit, you get an account with Kit and access to the Kit dashboard, where you can adjust your Kit settings and change your account.

Start for free

You can sign up and start using Kit for free, and you'll only be billed after Kit has helped you make a few sales and social posts. You'll get all the features of Kit Pro until:

  • Kit has sent 2 "thank you" emails to customers
  • you've created 2 Facebook ads with Kit

After you've done those things, Kit will let you know that you need to set up a payment method and start being billed monthly.

Kit pricing and billing

When you start paying, Kit requires a monthly subscription. You will be billed once per month. There are no contracts, obligations, or hidden fees.

Kit Kit Pro
$10 per month $25 per month

You can learn more about Kit plans on Kit's pricing page. For example, Kit can integrate with Shopify apps only if you use Kit Pro.


If you have questions about billing and spending for ads run with Kit on Facebook or Instagram, contact Facebook support. Shopify and Kit are not responsible for issues with ad billing.

Cancel your Kit account

If you want to temporarily take a break from messaging with Kit, then you can pause or stop Kit's messages. If you want to completely cancel your Kit account, you can do so from the Kit dashboard:

  1. Visit the Kit dashboard.

  2. Click the user icon, then click Settings:

    The 'Settings' option in the Kit dashboard
  3. In left menu, click Plan.

  4. Click Cancel plan on your active plan to cancel your Kit account.

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