Adjust settings with Kit

Kit will recommend that you visit to change your settings.

From the Kit dashboard, you can change many of Kit's settings to make Kit work exactly the way you want.

Conversations with Kit

From the Kit dashboard, you can change how often Kit proactively messages you with advertising opportunities:

  • Morning check-in: Turn this on to let Kit message you each morning to ask if there's anything to be done.
  • Market new products: Turn this on to let Kit ask you if you'd like to advertise new products added to your store.
  • Reinvest ad profits: Turn this on to let Kit encourage you to reinvest profits from your ads in more advertising.
  • Retarget potential customers: Turn this on to receive a message when Kit identifies a potential customer that has clicked on one of your ads.
  • Report on ad spend: Turn this on to have Kit send you a daily report on how your ads are performing.
  • Run Instagram ads: Turn this on to have Kit prompt you to turn uploaded photos and videos into Instagram ads.
  • Talk to Yotpo: Turn this on to have Kit prompt you to turn 5-star Yotpo reviews into ads.

Priority products

Your priority products are the products in your store that you feel are most important to your business. These can be products that represent your store's brand, best sellers, or any products that you want customers to see.

You can select up to 5 of your store's products to set as priority products.

Learn more about priority products.

Email marketing

From the email marketing page, you can change settings related to email marketing that you do with Kit.

Change email address

If customers reply to your marketing emails, then their replies will be sent to the email address that you specify here. To change your marketing email address, enter the email you want to use here and click Confirm.

Choose an email template

You can choose a template to use for marketing emails. Select a template from the list and a preview will appear below. Click Send sample to have a sample marketing email sent to you so you can preview it in your own inbox:

Kit email templates menu

Ad templates

By customizing your ad templates, you can choose the kind of text that's used when Kit creates ads for you. In this section, you can turn on or off any ad text presets for each category:

  • Newest products
  • Best selling product
  • Slow selling product
  • Showcase your store
  • Send a photo

You can also enter your own ad text and click Submit to create your own preset. If you use the text {title} in a custom preset, then it will be replaced by the title of the product being advertised.

Thank you emails

When you make a sale, Kit will sometimes ask you if you'd like to send an email thanking the customer. In this section of the Kit dashboard, you can customize your templates for "thank you" emails for both new customers and repeat customers.

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