Create a sale collection

You can create an automated collection to showcase products with a sale price.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products, and then click Collections.

  2. Click Add a collection.

  3. In the Title box, type a title for your sale collection.

  4. In the Description box, type a description for your sale collection if you want.

  5. In the Conditions section, click Automatically select products based on conditions.

    To make your collection show only items that are on sale, you will set the collection to only show products that have a Compare at price.

  6. Set the condition for the automatic collection:

    • Click the Product title box, and change the option to Compare at price.
    • Click the is equal to box, and change the option to is greater than.
    • In the $ box, type 0.
  7. Click Save collection to save your changes and create the new collection.

Your new collection will show all the products in your store that have a sale price.

Sale collection

You might also want to add a link to your new collection.

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