Manual collections

When you create a manual collection (sometimes called a custom collection), you need to add or remove the products in that collection one by one. The collection will always contain the same products unless you add or remove them in the admin.


You can't change an automatic collection to a manual collection. Instead, create a new manual collection and add the products you want.


Learn how to create a manual collection:

Create a manual collection

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products, then click Collections (or press G P C):

    Click Products then Collections

  2. Click Create collection:

    Add collection button new

  3. The Create collection page opens. In the Collection details section, complete the following information:

    • Title Give your collection a title, for example, Womenswear. Title is the only mandatory field.
    • Description Type a description for your collection. This will be visible when your collection is displayed on your website.
  4. Click Choose image to upload one of your own images for your collection:

    Collection image chosen new

  5. In the Select products section, click Manually select products:

    Manual select button new

  6. Click Save collection.

  7. The Products section updates. Click Add products:

    Add products button new

  8. In the Add products drop-down list, click each product that you want to add to your collection:

    Products dropdown new


    You can't add individual product variants to a manual collection. If you want to add a single variant of a product, you'll need to add that variant as a separate product first. When you've done this, it will appear in the drop-down list.

  9. As the products are added, they're sorted alphabetically by default. To change the order in which the collection's contents are displayed on your online store, click the drop-down list next to Sort:

    Sort order dropdown new

  10. Click an option to choose a sort order. If you choose to sort Manually, you can click on any of the products shown to drag it to a new position in the list.

  11. In the Search engine listing preview section, you'll see a preview of how your collection might appear within a search engine. This generates automatically based on the entries you made in the Collection details section.

    Collection seo new
    If you want to edit this information, click Edit website SEO:
    Edit seo new


    Take care not to change the URL and handle, as they are used when linking the new collection to your existing website.

  12. In the Visibility section, click the checkboxes to set your visibility preferences. The visibility options you see depend on your active sales channels:

    Collection visibility options new

    You can also set a specific publish date (known as future publishing) for online collections, if you don't want your collection to appear on your website immediately. Read about future publishing here.

  13. If you've created alternate templates for collections in the past, you'll see a Template section where you can choose a template. If you have no alternate templates for collections, the default collection template is used and you won't see this section.

  14. To add your new collection, click Save.

What to do next

At this stage, your customers won't be able to find your collection unless you give them the specific URL. If you want visitors to be able to discover your new collection when browsing, you must add a link to it from your website navigation.

Add products to a single manual collection

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products, then click Collections (or press G P C):

    Click Products then Collections

  2. In the Products section, click Add products:

    Add products button new

  3. In the Add products drop-down list, click on each product that you want to add to your collection:

    Products dropdown new

Add a product to multiple manual collections

You can add a product to multiple collections from the product page in your Shopify admin.

Add products product page new

Add individual variants to a manual collection

You can't add individual product variants to a manual collection directly. If you don't want to include all of a product's variants, you'll need to add the variants as separate products. When you've done this, each variant will appear in the drop-down list, and you'll be able to choose which ones to add to your collection.

If you expect to be adding a lot of individual variants, it's probably quicker to set up an automatic collection. You'll then be able to set selection conditions for variants, based on the Variant's title option.

Remove products from a manual collection

  1. Open the information page for the collection you want to edit.

  2. Find the Products section, which contains a list of all the products in the collection.

  3. Click the X to the right of every product you want to delete:

    Delete manual product new

    This will remove the product from your collection — not from your Shopify admin.

  4. When you've finished deleting products, click Save.


You can't remove products this way if your collection is set to add products automatically. Instead, you'll need to edit the unwanted product so that it doesn't meet the selection conditions, or change the automatic selection conditions themselves.

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