Export gift card products

How to export your gift card products

To export gift card products:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products, then click Gift Cards (or press G P G):

    Click Products then Gift Cards

  2. Click the Export button.

    Export gift cards header

  3. In the dialog, choose which gift cards you want to export.

    Export gift cards pop up

    Click one of the following export options:

    Current page to export the gift cards currently showing in your Admin
    All gift cards to export all your gift cards
    Selected gift card to export gift cards you have selected
    Current Search to export a filtered list of gift cards


    You can use bulk actions to select more than one gift card at a time on your Gift Cards page.

  4. If you are planning on opening your CSV file in Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet program, click CSV for Excel, Numbers, and other spreadsheet programs. Otherwise, click Plain CSV file.

    Export gift cards pop up 2

  5. Click Export Gift Cards to download your Gift Card CSV.


If you are exporting more than one page of gift cards, an email will be sent you containing a secure download link. Click the link in your email to download your CSV file.

Why should I export my gift cards?

With similar applications to the Product CSV here, the Gift Card CSV file is a spreadsheet view of important details of your gift card products. It's not focused on the usage of gift cards by your customers, it focuses on the gift cards' attributes. This comes in handy when checking the status on any or all the following attributes at a quick glance:

Header What is it?
Id Unique identifier. No other gift card will share this id. Note that this is not the same as the gift card code.
Last Characters After a gift card is issued, you can see only the last four characters of the gift card code
Customer Name First and last names of the customer who purchased the gift card
Email The purchaser's email address
Order Name Populated by the associated Order number if this gift card was purchased by a shopper as opposed to being issued by you through the Shopify admin
Created At The date the gift card was created in your store. Format: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss -timezone
Expires On The expiration date if one is created
Initial Value The value in your store's currency the gift card was purchased for
Balance Equal to the initial value minus purchases. How much is "left over" on the card
Currency Format: 3 digit currency code
Expired? True or False. You can set the expiration date in your Shopify admin
Enabled? True or False. You can edit the status in the gift card settings
Disabled At Date, if the gift card was disabled. Format: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss -timezone


Gift cards can not be imported or generated in your store through this CSV file. This file export is for analysis purposes only.

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