Create a collection of gift cards

You can create multiple gift card products in your Shopify store and present them as a gift card collection.

Add a Gift Cards Collection to your online store

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products, then click Collections (or press G P C):

    Click Products then Collections

  2. Click Create collection:

    Create collection1

  3. On the Create collection page, enter a title and description for your gift card collection:

    Create custom collection x1

  4. In the Conditions section, choose Manually select products:

    Manually select products

  5. Click Save collection at the top of the page, and new field sets should appear.

  6. In the Products section, click inside the Add products field:

    Click product field

  7. You can search for your gift cards by name. Click each of them once:

    Multiple gcs 5

  8. Click Upload image in the Collection image section:

    Gift card collection image

  9. Find the image on your computer and click Open.

  10. Click Save.


After you've created your gift card collection, you can make your collection visible in your Shopify store.

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