You can use Shopify’s Transfers feature to record, keep track of, and receive incoming inventory from suppliers.

As a merchant, the Transfers feature can help you manage your inventory in several ways:

  • it allows you to record incoming inventory after you’ve submitted and confirmed your purchase order (PO) with your supplier
  • it lets you indicate whether you’ve received full or partial inventory, which allows you to process inventory at your own pace
  • it automatically updates your current product inventory after you’ve received the items from your supplier
  • it allows you to see the number of incoming items and their expected arrival date right in the product’s details.

Next steps

Enable inventory tracking For your inventory to update automatically, you need to make sure that you let Shopify track it for you.
Create a transfer When you’ve confirmed with your supplier that your products will arrive by the expected date, you can prepare to receive them by creating a transfer.
Receive inventory Using your transfer, you can confirm that you’ve received the inventory that you expected and automatically update the number of items you have available in your store.
Calculate inventory When Shopify tracks inventory for you, it adjusts the number of incoming items for a product in its product details. Make sure you understand how those numbers are calculated.

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