Create a transfer

After you’ve submitted a PO to your supplier and received a confirmation, you can create a new transfer to record the incoming inventory.

Note that there is a difference between a supplier and a vendor:

  • a supplier is who you, the Shopify merchant, order your products from. You can have multiple suppliers.

  • a vendor is more closely associated with the brand of the product, so there can only be one. You select the vendor right in the product's details, and it is what your customers see on your online store.

To create a transfer:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Transfers. All your transfers will be displayed on this page.

  2. Click Add transfer.

  3. If you want to enter the name of your supplier, then enter one in the Supplier section.

    You can add a new supplier by clicking Create new supplier and then entering your supplier’s contact and location information in the dialog. Click Save supplier to continue.

  4. If you want to assign a reference number or a tag to the transfer, then enter it in the Additional details section. You can use tags and reference numbers to filter and organize your transfers from the Transfers page in your Shopify admin. For example, you can create an Urgent tag to show that this is an urgent request.


    You can click View all tags to see tags that you’ve used before.

  5. In the Shipment section, enter a date in the Expected arrival field.

  6. In the Products section, either enter the name of the product you want to add to your transfer, or click Browse to view a list of your store's products and collections. Use the checkboxes to select individual products or variants:

    Add products


    If you need to add a new product to your transfer, you can do so by opening another tab and creating a new product there. When you return to the tab with your transfer, you can search for the product that you just created and add it to your transfer.

  7. After you've added the products that you want to include in the transfer, click Add products.

  8. On the Add transfer page, enter the quantities for each product you are expecting to receive from your supplier :

    Select number of products


    Make sure that you've added the correct number of items as you cannot edit the quantities after you begin receiving inventory

  9. Click Save transfer.

After you create a transfer, you can view incoming inventory amounts on the Inventory page in Shopify:

Incoming products

Next steps

After you’ve created a transfer, you can use it to receive your items when they arrive from the supplier.

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