Showing sale prices

To indicate that an item's on sale, your product details must include a sale price and a compare at price (the price you were previously asking).

How sale prices are displayed

When you set a Compare at price, the product listing is updated on your online store to show that the item is on sale. The way this is done depends on the theme you're using, for example, you might see a Sale label on the product image. Typically, the way sale prices are shown depends on whether:

Images for sale items with variants at different prices

For a product with variants whose prices are not identical, the lowest sale price is indicated.

Sale with variants

Sale prices for single-variant products or products with identically-priced variants

For a single-variant product, or a product whose variant prices are all identical, the original and sale prices are shown as a straight comparison.

Sale no variants

Set a compare at price

To set a Compare at for a product:

To set a Compare at price on a variant:


You can also offer customers reduced prices at checkout by generating a discount code. However, this will not affect the displayed prices of your products.

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