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The filter and sort functions are all about helping you organize and manage the products in your admin. These functions are especially useful if you have many products. Filtering can be combined with sorting for even more specific product list organization.


Filtering or sorting your products list will not affect how your products appear to customers in your store. If you want to reorder your products on your store front, take a look at this tutorial.

Sort your products list

By default, your product list is organized alphabetically (from A-Z) by product name. You can easily change this and sort your product list by inventory, product type, or vendor – and reverse the order of any of these.

Sorting affects the order of the products in your admin. You can sort your products list to quickly find the products you need to edit, review or update. For example, if you want to see which of your products are running low in stock, you can sort your product’s list by “Inventory” so that the product with the smallest inventory is displayed at the top.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products (or press G P P):


  2. To change how your products are sorted, click on a column header. For example, to view all products sorted by inventory, click on the Inventory column header. This will sort products based on the quantity of inventory.

    Filter products 2
  3. To reverse the "sort order" of your list, click the small triangle in the column header.

Filter your products list

By default, your product list is sorted alphabetically (from A-Z) by product name. You can easily filter this list to show only certain products in specific categories (such as "vendor," "type" or "visibility").

Filtering your products list can help you quickly find any products you need to edit, review or update. For example, if you sell clothing, and want to apply a discount only to t-shirts, you can filter your products by product type > t-shirt. Now only your t-shirts will appear in the product list, and you can update them accordingly.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products (or press G P P):


  2. Click the Filter products button located above your product list on the lefthand side.

  3. In the pop-up menu, select Product vendor in the first drop-down menu and select the vendor name in the next drop-down menu.

    Filter products 3

  4. Click the Add filter button.

  5. All products with this condition will now be visible.

You can also create this filter for Product type, Visibility and Tags.

Filter and sort your products list

When combined, sorting and filtering can be an even more powerful and useful way to organize your products list.

For example, let’s say you have 10,000 products in your store. 2,000 of those products are boardgames. You want to only add a discount to boardgames with fewer than 10 items in stock.

  1. To begin, you want to see only boardgames in your products list, so you would filter by product type > boardgames.

  2. Next, you want to see your boardgames in order from lowest to highest inventory, so you would sort them by inventory following the steps above.

  3. Now you can easily find the boardgames with fewer than items in stock, and apply your discount to those products.

Filter/sort and export your products list

You can also use the sort tool to organize your products list before exporting. If you need to change an aspect of only some of your products and don’t want to deal with the entire list in a CSV, you can first sort and/or filter the list.

  1. To do so, sort your products and/or add filters as described in the steps above. Now your product list will show only the filtered products.

  2. Export your products list by following the steps in this tutorial, selecting the “Export matching products” option in Step 3.

    Matching export 1
  3. A CSV file containing only those products in your sorted/filtered list will be downloaded onto your computer.

  4. Make any changes you wish.

  5. Import the CSV file back into your Shopify admin.

Saved search for products

You also have the option to save your searches, which is especially useful for search queries that you enter often. Saving your searches produce faster results the next time you need to search for the same query.

Products search 1

Simply type in a query, click Save this search and give your query a name.

Products search 2

Next time you need to search that query, click on the tab that was created. All of the results that match will appear there.

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