Google integration

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a powerful tool to help you manage your store's online traffic. It is an invaluable tool for anyone running a website online - even if it's not ecommerce oriented.

  1. Go to and sign in or create a new account.

  2. On the Welcome screen, enter your website URL and click ADD A SITE.

    Sitemap x1


The website URL you enter here should be your primary domain from your Settings > Domains page of the admin. You don't need to include the "http://" here.

3. Click on the Alternate methods tab:

Sitemap 2

4. Click on the HTML tag option.

Google verify x9

5. Google will generate a unique meta tag that you must paste into your theme.liquid template.

        about how to add a meta tag to your theme.liquid template →

6. Once you have added the meta tag to your theme.liquid template, Go back to your Search Console window that you left open in step 6 and click Verify.

Verification 3


You must disable your online store password in order for you to verify your domain. If you are not ready to launch your store, you can deactivate your online store password, and then reactivate it after you've verified your domain.

G Suite

1. Sign into your Google Admin console at

2. From your Google Admin dashboard, click Verify Domain

Apps work 1

3. Google will generate a unique meta tag that you must paste into your theme.liquid template

Apps work 2

       Follow this link to learn about how to add a meta tag to your theme.liquid template →

4. Once you have added the meta tag, click I have added the meta tag to my homepage, and click Verify

5. Once verification has been completed, you can continue setting up G Suite:

Apps work 3

In some search results Google will offer sitelinks to help a visitor quickly navigate to a section of the web site. These links are created by Google at their discretion. Shopify has no control over whether your site displays sitelinks in a google search result or not. For more information about sitelinks and Google's policy on sitelinks please read the following article from Google's website:

If Google lists your website as password-protected

While you have an online store password set on your store, Google won't display your website content. When you're ready to launch:

  1. Ensure that you have removed your online store password.

  2. Ask Google to crawl your shop content again.

Google shopping troubleshooting

When publishing your products on Google, you might see the error: "Could not find authenticated customer".

This usually means that your Google Merchant Center account has not been fully set up.

To complete the setup of your Merchant Center account, please visit:

Next, log directly into your Google Merchant Center account.

You may need to accept the Google Merchant Center terms and conditions and enter a few basic details (such as your location). Please also check that you have met all of the Google Shopping Requirements.

If you still get the "Could not find authenticated customer" error when publishing your products from your Marketing page in Shopify, this suggests that there is an issue with your specific Google Merchant Center account. Google can block an account for many different reasons but do not provide a specific explanation unless contacted. If you believe your account has been blocked, you can contact Google directly using the following page: Disapproved data feeds or items.

Do you have several Google accounts?

When you first enable Google Product Search for your store, we ask you to authenticate Shopify to post your products. The Google account you happen to be logged in with at the time is used for authentication. Unfortunately, we only get back an authorization token from Google, so we are unable to know which Google account you used for authentication. Make sure that the Google Account you use for authentication is the Google account you have set up with Google Merchant.

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