Setting sale prices

When you put a product on sale for a lower price, you might want your customers to be able to see the original price, so that they know it is on sale. To display a sale price in your online store, your product details need to include a sale price and the original price, called the compare at price.

Displaying sale prices

When you set a compare at price, the product listing is updated on your online store to show that the item is on sale. The way that a sale price displays depends on the theme that your online store is using, for example, you might see a Sale label on the product image. Typically, the way that sale prices are shown depends on whether:

Images for sale items with variants at different prices

For a product with variants whose prices are not identical, the lowest sale price is indicated.

Sale with variants

Sale prices for single-variant products or products with identically-priced variants

For a single-variant product, or a product whose variant prices are all identical, the original and sale prices are shown as a straight comparison.

Sale no variants

Set a compare at price

To set a Compare at for a product:

To set a Compare at price on a variant:

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