Types of reports

Shopify reports are divided into categories based on the type of information they show you. To give you more details about the information you see and the terminology used in the Shopify reports, you can review the different reports available in each category.

You can access different types of reports depending on your Shopify plan:

Shopify LiteBasic ShopifyShopifyShopify AdvancedShopify Plus
Finances report
(incl. taxes)
Store Dashboard
Sales reports--
Payments reports--
Taxes report--
Traffic reports--
Insights report--
Custom reports---

If you are on the lite and Basic Shopify plans or higher, then you can view your Finances Report and Store dashboard.

If you are on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can access the following reports from the Reports page in your Shopify admin:

Did you know?

If you are on Advanced Shopify plan or higher, you can also use advanced reporting to build your own reports.

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