Acquisition reports

If you are on the Basic Shopify plan or higher, then you can access reports about your store's visitor acquisition. The reports on acquisition include:

When you open an acquisition report, the data is up to date, give or take a few seconds. You can reopen or refresh the report to show newer data.

Acquisition reports are different from the Sales by traffic referrer source report because acquisition reports do not show converted sales or the amount of orders—just visitors to your website. These reports apply to the Online Store sales channel only.

Visits, sessions, and visitors

The number of visits (sessions) and the number of visitors are based on cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on a shopper's device, such as a desktop or smartphone, when they visit your online store. One cookie identifies the device (the visitor). Another cookie keeps track of the length of the visit (session).

A visit (session), ends after 30 minutes of no activity, and at midnight UTC. Because the same visitor can make multiple visits, the number of visits is usually higher than the number of visitors.

As of April 6, 2017, when you are logged in to the Shopify admin on a device, visits from that device aren't counted as online store visits.

Example: A shopper views products on your store for 20 minutes, then returns to your store 2 hours later for another 10 minutes. 2 visits and 1 visitor are reported. If the shopper instead views your store for 5 minutes, leaves, and returns 10 minutes later, then 1 visit and 1 visitor are reported.

View your acquisition reports

To view your acquisition reports:

  1. In the Acquisition section, click the report that you want to see:

    Acquisition reports

Visits over time

The Visits over time report shows the number of visitors and sessions for the time range:

Visits over time report

You can click Group by to select the time unit that you want to view the visits by: hour, day, week, month, quarter, year, hour of day, day of week, or month of year. The time unit specifies how the visits are grouped.

Visitors by referrer

The Visitors by referrer report shows you whether your visitors are coming to your store directly, from search, or by a referral.

You can see similar information in your Overview dashboard, but the Visitors by referrer report gives you more detailed insights:

Visitors by referrer report

Visitors by location

The Visitors by location report shows you the countries from which visitors are accessing your website:

Visitors by location report

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