Acquisition reports

If you are on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can access reports about your store's visitor acquisition. The reports on acquisition include:

In each of the reports, you can see the number of visitors (number of visits from a unique IP address) and the number of sessions (the number of times a user visits to your website from that IP address) that you get. A session ends after 30 minutes of no activity by a visitor, and at midnight UTC. Because a single visitor can have multiple sessions, the number of sessions is usually higher than the number of visitors.

Acquisition reports are different from the Sales by traffic referrer source report because acquisition reports do not show converted sales or the amount of orders—just visitors to your website. Acquisition reports retain information only for the last ninety days.


For more advanced visitor and traffic analytics, you can also set up and use Google Analytics. It provides more detailed traffic and marketing data for your store, and it's free. Learn more about setting up Google Analytics in your Shopify store.

View your acquisition reports

To view your acquisition reports:

  1. In the Acquisition section, click the report that you want to see:
    Reports index acquisition section

In the acquisition reports, you can drill-down based on a specific referrer, campaign, or location to see a further breakdown of where your customers are coming from.

Visits over time

The Visits over time report shows each month's total number of visitors and sessions:

Visits over time report


You can click one of the months to see a drill-down of visitor traffic by day.

Visitors by referrer

The Visitors by referrer report shows you whether your visitors are coming to your store directly, from search, or by a referral.

You can see this information in your Online store dashboard regardless of what Shopify pricing plan you are on, but the Visitors by referrer report gives you more detailed insights:

Visitors by referrer report


You can click one of the referrer sources to see a drill-down of visitor traffic by referrer site.

Visitors by marketing campaign

The Visitors by marketing campaign report shows you the number of visitors during a UTM campaign:

Visitors by marketing campaign report


You can click one of the campaigns to see a drill-down of visitor traffic by marketing campaign term.

Visitors by location

The Visitors by location report shows you the countries from which visitors are accessing your website:

Visitors by location report


You can click one of the countries to see a drill-down of visitor traffic by region.

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